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Antigua, an island in West Indies, is an archetypal Caribbean island and one of the two major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Barbuda and Antigua. This island is well-known for many sandy beaches and is ringed with coral reefs. This island carries a long tradition of sailing, both in modern form and in the historic association. However, it is for the friendly islanders, for the easy life and for wide variety of beaches that most of the people visit Antigua.


The climate in Antigua is hot and humid, tropical climate with a dry and cool season from January to mid-April whereas from mid-June to mid-November, the climate is hot, humid and rainy. The average daily temperature in Antigua is around C in January and February while, from June to September, it goes up to around C.

Rainfall in Antigua is not so rich as the islands are pretty flat. In simple language, the year is divided into two parts one is dry from January to June, and the other is rainy, from July to December. The rainiest months are from August to November and the driest months are February and March.

There is an occurrence of rain all throughout the year in the form of thunderstorm and downpours. There is a good amount of sunshine all year round. Sea Temperature in Antigua between January to April is C and in September, it is C. So, you can enjoy the sea all year round.

Best time to Visit

If you want to visit Antigua, winter season at the best time to visit. Between Mid-December and Mid-April, the weather is driest in Antigua. In these months, the weather is worse in Britain and driest in Antigua.

Best Destination in Antigua:

  • Half Moon Bay, Antigua: Half Moon Bay is surrounded by one of the best beaches of the Caribbean. This is backed by natural foliage and is protected by a reef which offers excellent snorkeling on calm days. The surfing is rough at that time when the wind is up. There is a restaurant which serves the snacks just off the beach.
  • Stingray City, Antigua: If you are afraid of stingrays, then this fun face-to-face adventure and a five-minute speedboat ride should banish all your fears forever. This city is a shallow pool with a sandy bottom which includes hundreds of friendly southern stingrays all waiting to be fed by the visitors. In stingray city, you can swim, stand and can snorkel with them. You can also explore the surrounding coral reefs. This is the most popular thing that can be done in Antigua.
  • Dickenson Bay, Antigua: In the north of Antigua, Dickenson Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the whole island. This bay has a long stretch of white sand beach which is lined up of the alfresco restaurant. Dickenson Bay is considered as a great place for swimming and it offers a spectrum of water sports. This can be called as a hub for windsurfing scene and activity booth are spotted along the beach.
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  • Fig Tree driveIn Antigua's southern coast, it winds through fishing villages, rainforest, and farmlands. The glimpse of local life is offered by this picturesque drive. Mango tree, Coconut palms and Banana tree which is called figs by the local dot the landscape. You can also find Zip line rainforest tours nearby and Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery which sells vibrant local art.

Calendar of Events and Festivals:

Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

The Classic Yacht Regatta, held each year before the sailing week, brings with it a host of the traditional and beautiful sailing yacht to Falmouth Harbour. Four days of racing and parades of classic boats are the part of this event which looks magnificent from onshore. Plenty of evening action ashore can also be found in the event.

Sailing week

The sailing week is organized at the end of April or in the start of May. In this, event, five days of formal racing and then other events are organized such as round-the-island race. provides you with the best packages in order to visit Antigua. We are there to help you with the accommodation and all other amenities related to your travel and all that you need for your vacation.