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Barbados, which is an island country of West Indies, is situated in the western area of North Atlantic. The capital and the largest city of it is Bridgetown. Barbados is considered as the leading tourist destination and is also a part of the Caribbean. Out of all the tourist, 40 percent of the tourists come from the US, UK and Canada.


In general, two seasons can be found in Barbados, one of which experience heavy rainfall. One is a wet season, which starts from June to December and other is the dry season which runs from December to May. Landslips, earthquakes and Hurricanes can be found by infrequent natural Hazard. These factors give Barbados a climate which is moderately tropical.

Best time to Visit

It is from December to mid of April that the season is cool, and the weather is dry and less humid than other times of the year. This is a high season of Barbados and is also a peak season. This can be considered as the best time if you want to visit Barbados.

Top attractions in Barbados:

  • The Beaches of Carlisle Bay : Long-stretches of crystal-clear water and blond beaches makes this beach as one of the most fascinating areas to dip your toes and set a beach chair. Pebble Beach is one of the best stretches of the Bay and there is a racecourse getting a morning bath in the ocean. You can also find showers and washrooms at the top of the beach.
  • Downtown Bridgetown : Bridgetown, which is the capital of the nation is a wealth of the attraction. National Heroes Square and the Parliament Building are the two main sites in the city centre.
  • Animal Flower Cave : This place is one of the tops most place to visit, not for the cave, but for the dramatic view. Windows to the ocean are offered by the large natural openings and plenty of lights is also provided by these openings. Views from the restaurants are incredible. If you are looking for something adventurous, s cave is the must place to go.
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  • Crane Beach : It is a soft sandy beach which is surrounded by high natural walls. You can find car parking and Public access for the beach at the opposite end of the beach. You can walk down a short set of stairs and you can also make your way along a rock pathway.
  • Friday Fish Fry at Oistins : If you don't know what to do in the night at Barbados, then Friday Fish fry is the answer. Here you can enjoy the food and atmosphere. Here, trinkets and jewellery are sold by Vendors. If on a Friday night, you are in Barbados, this is something that is worth experiencing. is the travel portal which is providing the services to the clients at its best to make its place in the travel industry. The team is all ready to cater its services to the clients which will help in satisfying them by providing the best packages.