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Bogota is the largest city of Columbia and also its capital. Bogota is the territorial entity of the first order and the administrative status as the department of Colombia. It is the economic, political, industrial and administrative centre of the country. Located in the centre of Columbia, it is the third highest capital in South America. Subdivided into 20 localities, it has a cool climate that is constant throughout the year

Many of the research centres and the largest universities have made their home in Bogota. Bogota is known for its economic strength and associated financial maturity. Main financial Market in Columbia is hosted by the capital and has the highest nominal GDP in the country. Theatres, libraries, and museums can also be found here.


A subtropical highland climate can be found in Bogota. The average temperature is 14.5 degree C and it varies from 6 to 19 degree C on the sunny days and from 10 to 18 degree C on rainy days. The whole year comprises of dry and rainy seasons. The driest months are December and January and then July and August. The warmest month is March which brings the maximum temperature of 19.7 degree C. It is in the month of January that the coolest night can be found when the average temperature is 7.6 degree C. the rainiest months of Bogota are April, May, September, October, and November.

Essential Restaurants in Bogota

  • Andres Carne de Res: The Fame of this place surpasses border and is specialized in grilled meats and Colombian dishes. The rest is fun which is filled with music, improv actors and over the top decor who create a world of their own. For the purpose of Partying, Saturday is the best night to go.
  • Abasto: An outdoor flea market on Sundays, this place is perfect if you want to have breakfast where different types of arepas are made with ingredients from the local market.
  • Pajares Salinas: This institution has been in business for more than 60 years and is a popular Spanish restaurant which maintains its quality of food and service. The elite class of people, from politicians to celebrities, are attracted to this place.
  • Amor Perfecto:It is more than a coffee shop, which has trained the best Baristas of Columbia. Your drinks will be crafted by the expert staff where you will be told the story behind every bean.

Top attractions near Bogota

  • La Chorrera: La Chorrera is the largest waterfall in Columbia. You will be going through flower-filled fields. This dazzling natural reserve is a symbolic place for the locals. You can hike in the middle of the woods and can be accompanied by an experienced guide.
  • Andres Carne de Res: This is a place in Bogota which can open up your eyes and mind to provide you the best possibilities. Enjoyment and happiness is the ultimate goal of this place. A symbol of the nightlife of Bogota, you can eat, dance and drink with your friends and family. About 2000 seats are available in this restaurant and this is full which has five kitchens and 2 dance floors.