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A country in West Indies in the Carribean sea, Grenada consist of an island of Grenada. Its location is the northwest of Trinidad and Tobago. The capital of Grenada is St. George's. the nickname of Grenada is Island of Spice because of the production of nutmeg and mace crops. It is one of the prime exporters of these two crops. The national bird of this country is Grenada dove which is critically endangered.


Heavy external debt problems can be found in Grenada. This city has been recorded as the 9th worst country, out of 126 developing countries as of 2017. The government debt service payments run at about 25% of the total revenue. The main revenue of this country is through tourism and t is the leading foreign exchange earner.

Best time to visit Grenada

A hot and tropical climate is found all year round which is followed by cooling trade winds. The average temperature is 29 to 30 degree C. the months that are the driest are from January to May. Very high showers and the rain, in brief, can be found from June to December.

Best destinations to visit in Grenada:

  • Grand Anse Beach: Grand Anse is the most famous beach in Grenada. This famous beach has the decoration of almond trees, coconut palms and sea grapes. The visitors of a cruise ship can be seen here enjoying at golden sand. Other than this, if you want to be indulged in some shopping, then Grand Anse Craft and spice market is the popular stop for the shoppers.
  • St. George's: This is one of the prettiest port towns in the Caribbean. the two most historical attraction of this place is Fort Frederick and Fort George which is built by the French in the 18th century. The beautiful view over the sea and town is offered by these places.
  • Carenage: The anchorage and inner harbour, which is known as Carenage is a lovely place to browse the shops, wander along the waterfront and watch the activities of dockside. You can chat with the locals here and can visit one of the restaurants which sell snacks and fresh seafood.
  • Annanndale Falls: Located in the north of St. George, it is a 10-meter rainfall where visitors can swim at the base of the cascades. You can also watch local divers that leap into the water from the top. Rooms for the purpose of changing are also available here., therefore, makes your experience of vacation a memorable one by providing the amenities at an equitable price and bestowing best of packages for the clients.