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Havana is the capital city of Cuba. It also is the commercial center, province and the largest city of Havana. 2.1 million inhabitants can be found in this city. This city is a headquarter of business and a home to various ministries. This also has over 90 diplomatic offices. This city is also known for its architecture, history, monuments and cultures.


A tropical climate is experienced by this city closely bordering on a tropical monsoon climate. In January and February, the average temperature ranges from 22 degree C and to 28 degree C in August. The temperature generally drops below 10 degree C. This city faces heaviest of rainfall in June and October and lightest from December to April. Tornadoes are rare in Cuba, but Hurricanes occasionally strike the island.

Best time to Visit

If you want to visit Havana, then December to May are the best months to visit as you can find sunny and dry days there. Plenty of blue skies can also be experienced in these months. You should not visit between August and October as there is a risk of Hurricanes in these months.

Best destinations to visit in Havana:

  • Plaza De La Revolucion : This place is a brief stop because of its historical significance. You can browse the small museum here and can take up the lift for the tower for panoramic city view. Government buildings like the ministry of the Interior building adorn with the epic beauty of Che Guevara.
  • Miramar :Miramar is traditionally an upscale area which maintains its reputation by adding the upper-end hotels and restaurants. You can admire the stately homes and tree-lined avenues here. Some of these homes have been transformed into embassies and government offices.
  • Playas Del Este : Playas Del Este is a long stretch of Palm-fringed beach running for miles. This place is a good alternative for the people who are not able to visit beaches and resorts in other areas of Cuba. This beach can be divided into two sections: one is the favorites of locals Guanabo which offers few tourist services and the other is Santa Maria Del Mar. This place is a popular tourist spot.

Famous food that you can taste:

This cuisine is a combination of African, Spanish and Caribbean Cuisine. Some of the famous food are:

  • Empanadas
  • Cocido De Garbanzos
  • Arroz Con Pollo
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