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Hong Kong

Hong Kong which is commonly abbreviated as HK is the world's fourth most densely populated area. It is generally a populated area of fishing and farming villages but now it has become the most significant commercial ports and financial centres. It is also the world's seventh largest trading entity. The system of government is separated from mainland China as Hong Kong is a special administrative region. This place has one of the highest per capita income in the whole of the world and also has the largest number of skyscrapers in the world.


A humid subtropical climate is found in Hong Kong. Showers in Hong Kong are occasional and summers are hot as well as humid. Warm air and thunderstorms are also infrequent from the southwest. Typhoons are most often here. In the beginning, winters are mild and sunny but it turns out to be cloudy by February. Spring and autumn are the most temperate season which usually is sunny and dry. 1709 hours of sunshine is experienced in Hong Kong every year.

Best time to visit Hong Kong:

Humid, hot and wet summers, as well as mild and dry winters, can be found in Hong Kong. You can best visit Hong Kong from the months of October to early December because, in these months, the weather is cool, sunny and pleasant. The cloudy season of Hong Kong is Spring.

Best destinations in Hong Kong:

  • Hong Kong Skyline: Hong Kong skyline is one of the most recognizable and impressive skylines in the world. Surrounding mountains and harbour, as well as the dense collection of skyscrapers, set the city apart. There is a character change at night when the sky darkens and the scene is filled with city lights. You can best see this skyline from the Kowloon waterfront or from the top of Victoria Peak.
  • Victoria Peak (The Peak): If you have not taken in the skyline from the Victoria Peak, then you have not seen the best of Hong Kong. Most of the part of Victoria Peak is covered with the lush greenery, beautiful lookouts with view and nature trails. The best time to visit the peak is evening time when you can enjoy the spectacular skyline against the night sky. You can also take a taxi to the top.
  • Repulse Bay and the beaches: Many are there who t think of beaches when they think of Hong Kong. This beach is the most popular in Hong Kong, with a great place to swim and a beautiful view. The beach is lined up with trendy shops and restaurants.