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One of the largest urban areas of the world, Johannesburg is the city which is the largest in South Africa. This place is the largest city of Gauteng which is the wealthiest province in South Arica. It is also the most populous city in South Africa.


The subtropical highland climate is experienced in Johannesburg. The sunny climate is enjoyed by the city with the months of summer i.e. October and April. These summer months are followed by afternoon thundershowers and cool evenings. On the other hand, the months of winters are followed by the sunny and dry days with cold nights. The months of winters are from May to September. There is a mild temperature in Johannesburg. The average maximum daily temperature in January is 25.6 degree C which usually drops at 16 degree C in June. The sunniest time of the year are winters where nights are cool and days are mild. The temperature drops to 4.1 degree C in June and July.


Johannesburg is not actually known for its tourist destinations. The city comprises of several art museums that feature European and South African landscape and figurative paintings. There is a range of venues and experience for the purpose of shopping. Wildlife can also be seen by the visitors here.

Best destinations to visit:

  • Gold Reef City: Gold Reef city is located eight kilometres from the city centre where you will be taken back to the gold rush days through the historical exhibits and thrilling theme park rides. Here, the reproduction of businesses and houses from the era is hosted by this attraction. There are rides for young children and a petting zoo.
  • Lion and Safari Park Day Trip: Here you will be able to be close to some of s famous wildlife less than an s drive from Johannesburg. Animal interaction is common here. Cheetah walk, cuddling a lion cub and hand feeding the giraffes; all these things are done by the visitors. You can also take river rafting and nighttime feeding tours. But please note that you have to adhere to all the safety regulations.
  • Day trip to Pretoria: Pretoria is situated at 55 kms from Johannesburg and is the administrative capital of South Africa. If you want to visit there, you will get to find many highlights such as Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria National Botanical Garden, the large zoo, Freedom Park and a peaceful natural reserves with an abundance of birds and diverse wildlife.