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Montego Bay

The capital of the Parish of St. James, Montego Bay is referred to as The Second City. This city is the fourth largest urban area by population after Kingston, Spanish Town and Port more. Montego Bay is a famous tourist destination which features duty - free shopping, fascinating resorts and beaches and cruise line terminal.


Pivotal to Jamaica's economy, Montego Bay is the home to the headquarters of international resort chain, Sandals. This city has the head office for the operation of Starbucks in Jamaica. Also, the city caters many Fortune 500 companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Delta and many more. The city is typically populated with banking and retail.

Best Time to visit Montego Bay :

If you want to visit Montego Bay, then November to Mid-December are the best months to visit. In these months, the weather is beautiful and pleasant and the flights and hotels are easy to find.

Best destinations to visit in Montego Bay :

  • Martha Brae River Rafting: If you want to do river rafting, then Martha Brae is the most romantic and peaceful things to do in Montego Bay. Drifting down five kilometres of the jungle-fringed river on Bamboo rafts is involved in the trip. Also, you can learn about flora and fauna.
  • Doctor's Cave Beach: Doctor's Cave Beach is the popular beach and it is often crowded with the passengers of cruise ships despite the admission charges. You can also do snorkelling in Montego Bay. Amenities such as restaurants, gifts shops and change rooms are also included at the beach.
  • Dunn's River Falls & Nine Mile Day Trip: This river falls is a 90 - minute drive from Montego Bay. This is a popular day trip near Ocho Rios, the birthplace of legendary Bob Marley.
  • Croydon in the Mountains: In the foothills of Catadupa mountains, this is a 132 - acre working plantation with a fascinating view of surrounding countryside. The main crops of this plantations are plantains, coffee, citrus and pineapples. Honey is also produced in his plantation. During the tour, you will be made aware of the different crops. You will also be getting the chance to sample the produce and also to sip the drinks which are made from the fresh fruits of the plantation.

Famous food in Montego Bay:

  • Jerk Chicken: If you are visiting Montego Bay, then you should definitely try jerk chicken. Pork Pit and Scotchies are two of the favourite spot of the people there.
  • Ackee and Saltfish: You should also try the national dish and that is Ackee and Saltfish. This dish is served at breakfast and it is a fruit when specially cooked looks like a scrambled egg, while Saltfish is dried codfish. brings for you an opportunity to visit this beautiful place and offers a wide range of packages to make your trip an unforgettable one.