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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is an anchor to the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro and it is also the second-most populous municipality in Brazil. In terms of state, it is the third most populous one.

When it comes to municipal GDP, Rio de Janeiro is the second largest. Rio is home to many of the institutes and universities. It is also the second-largest for development and research centre in Brazil. It is for its natural settings that this city is known for.


Tropical savanna climate can be found in Rio and is also characterized by heavy rains from the months of December to March. Overall, warm and sunny winters and hot and humid summers are experienced by this city. The temperature above 40 degree C is common during the summers while the maximum temperature above 27 degree C can occur on a monthly basis. The climate has wet and warm summers and autumns, and very dry and mild winters and springs.

Best time to visit Rio de Janeiro:

If you want to explore this place, then the months between December and March are the perfect one because, in these months, the weather is sunny and warm enough that you can hit the beaches. February is the month when you can best enjoy the beauty and carnival of this city.

Top attractions in Rio de Janeiro:

  • Sugarloaf: The best known landmark of Rio de Janeiro is the rock peak of sugarloaf which towers 394 meters above the harbour. A cable car can be taken to the summit of the sugarloaf.
  • Ipanema: The place is filled by many restaurants, large hotels and sidewalk cafes. The two districts, Ipanema and Leblon, are best known for their beaches and have many art galleries, lively cultural life, avant-garde theatre and cinemas.
  • Jardim Botanico: Jim Botanica of Rio consists of many ecological sanctuaries with the scientific laboratory and show gardens. Orchidarium, Japanese gardens can be found here. Wooden bridges, cherry trees, koi ponds and Bonsai are also available here.

Famous food in Rio de Janeiro:

  • Barbecued Meat
  • Moqueca
  • Cachaca
  • Brigadeiros
  • Quindim
  • Feijoada
  • Fried bar snacks

So, Rio is the place worth visiting and exploring., thus, bestow you with the chance to enjoy the beauty of this place. Also, many amenities and travel itineraries are also endowed to the clients so that they can enjoy the place without any tension. Have a happy vacation!