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Seoul, the largest metropolis of South Korea, is also the capital of South Korea. Being larger than London and Paris, it is ranked as the fourth largest metropolitan economy in the world. Today, Seoul is one of the rising and leading global city whose inhabitants are faced with a high cost of living. Seoul is on the 5th place in the world for the prices of apartments in the downtown centre.


A humid continental climate is found in Seoul which also borders a humid subtropical climate. It is because of the urban heat island effects that the suburbs of Seoul are cooler than the center of Seoul. East Asian monsoon takes place from June to September and August is the hottest month. Summers are humid and hot. The average low and high temperature in this place is 23.4 degree C and 32.6 degree C. winters in Seoul are very cold and the lowest temperature reaches to -5.9 degree C. The highest temperature in January reaches to 1.5 degree C. winters are drier as compared to summers.

Best time to travel in Seoul:

If we see generally, there are four distinct seasons in South Korea. Hot and humid weather is found in summer months of June to August, whereas, winters in Seoul are dry and icy cold in the months from December to February. So, Spring and Autumn are the best months to visit as the weather is sunny and warm with clear blue skies.

Top attractions in Seoul:

  • Bukchon Hanok Village: It is considered as one of the favourite photo spots of people in Seoul. The houses here are from the Joseon Dynasty where people actually live. This residential area is located in the heart of the city between Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace.
  • Myeongdong: Myeongdong is a paradise for cosmetic lovers. In this place, all the popular Korean cosmetic brands can be found. You can look for certain offers there and can also collect free samples of various products.
  • Lotte World: It is the largest indoor amusement park in the world. It is a blend of indoor theme park and the outdoor amusement park. A large number of hotels and shopping complex is found in the area around Lotte World. This is a great place for the families, kids and couples to enjoy.
  • Enjoy a non-verbal performance in Nanta Theatre: If you want to enjoy a memorable and iconic experience, then you can visit Nanta Theatre for the mesmerizing performance that takes place in a non-verbal music setting. It is usually a comic performance which includes rhythmic melodies and acrobatic moves., therefore, provides you with a chance to pack your bags and just go on a vacation. Our travel portal is fully loaded with numerous packages so that you can plan your trip accordingly and spend some time with your loved ones.