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The state capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the most populous city in Australia and Oceania. It is considered as one of the largest cities of Australia. The residents of Sydney are called Sydneysiders. The metropolitan population of Sydney as of June 2017 was 5,131,326 and is also home to 65% of the state population.


Sydney has a humid subtropical climate with cool winters, warm summers and uniform rainfall throughout the year. Urban Heat Island effects is experienced by Sydney. And so the city is more vulnerable to extreme heat. Rainfall is slightly higher throughout the first half of the year.

Best time to visit Sydney

If you want to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle of Sydney, then December to February are the perfect months for you to visit Sydney. Talking about March to May, Sydney, in these months, experience warm days and mild nights. Winters in Sydney can be experienced in the months of June to August.

Top attractions in Sydney:

  • Taronga Zoo, Sydney: In this zoo, more than 4000 animals from various native and exotic species can be found which includes chimpanzees, gorillas, Australian sea lions, koalas and many more. You can also experience the wildlife from a new perspective by tackling the treetop wild ropes.
  • Sydney Opera House: More than 40 performances each week is hosted by Sydney Opera House. Opera Australia's latest shows can be booked by you. Also, if you want to see what is happening off stage, you can also sign for a backstage tour that is of two hours. In this tour, guests are taken behind the scene into the exclusive domain of performers which also includes a full cooked breakfast in the green room.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge: Sydney Harbour bridge which is nicknamed as The Coathanger is one of the grand engineering feats in Australia. Here, visitors are all free to cycle or walk across this vast structure. In order to enjoy the unbeatable panoramic view, you can book Bridge climb. You do not require any special climbing skills to enjoy here

List of the events held in Sydney:

Sydney Mardi Gras:

Darlinghurst district of Sydney is transformed into the heart of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival every year between the end of February and the first Saturday of March. This festival attracts millions of people from around the globe, art and cultural events.

New Year Eve:

Australia experience a grand New Year Eve. Similar to the New Year celebration in Paris, London, New York, and Rio, Sydney Harbour is alive during this event. You can find fireworks, music, food, light shows and many such before and after the coming of New year. However, celebrations along beaches, community and river banks can be found by many tourists. offers a wide range of services including the packages, hotel accommodation, and housing. Our staff is dedicated to set an example in the travel industry by providing satisfaction to the clients.