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Tokyo city is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan and is the capital of Japan since 1869. The area of Tokyo has been considered as the most populous metropolitan area of the world. Tokyo has been ranked first in the global economic power index as well as third in the global cities index. Magazine Monocle has defined Tokyo as the most livable city in the world. Out of the sixty cities, this place has been selected 1st in the 2017 safe cities index


The former city of Tokyo and the majority of mainland lie in the humid subtropical climate zone with cool winters with cold spells and humid and hot summers. A one-month seasonal lag is experienced by the city of Japan. The warmest month of Japan is August and the average temperature is 26.4 degree C. January is the coolest month where the temperature ranges to 5.2 degree C. Snowfall in Japan is sporadic but it occurs annually. Every year, typhoons can be found, although few of them are strong.

Best time to visit Tokyo:

The best time to visit Tokyo depends on the purpose for which you are going. If you are going for sight-seeing, then Late March to May and the months of October to early December are the best months. If you want to go for a honeymoon, then late fall and spring time are the most romantic months and time to visit Tokyo.

Best destinations to visit in Tokyo:

  • Ginza District: Shop till you drop: This is the busiest shopping area in Tokyo. This place is the commercial centre of the country. Here, you can simply wander around and can also sit in one of the coffee and tea shops or restaurants. Kabuki-za theatre is found here where many kabuki traditional performances are staged.
  • National Museum of Nature and Science: Opened in 1871, the museum is located in the Ueno Park and is the oldest museum of the country. A vast collection of material that is related to nature and Science is present which includes many interactive displays on nuclear energy, space development and transportation. A unique insight into the latest technological and scientific advances is provided in the museum.
  • The Tokyo Skytree: It is hard to miss Tokyo Skytree when you visit Tokyo. It is a 634-meter-tall observation and communication tower that rises out like a huge rocket ship. This was opened in 2012 but now it has become the most visited tourist attraction of the City. is that travel portal which reserves its place in the minds and hearts of its clients by endowing the best services related to the vacations and holidays. It also helps in customizing the trips of the clients.